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Tal2a Up to 8 Mega Speed:
"Tal2a Up to 8M" now EXCLUSIVLY offered by TE Data. Now, TE Data new and existing customers can enjoy very high internet speed at reasonable price and multiple options of GB allowances.

Why I should subscribe in "Tal2a Up to 8M"?
  • • You will receive the Maximum speed that your line can bear “Up to 8Mbps” starting from 75 LE per month
  • • Pay your usage only
  • • Different usage capacities suits different needs
  • • Smooth recharging experience
How much should I pay?
Speed Usage 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
Tal2a Up to 8M 5GB 75 L.E 220 L.E 440 L.E 855 L.E
Tal2a Up to 8M 15GB 100 L.E 295 L.E 585 L.E 1,140 L.E
Tal2a Up to 8M 40GB 150 L.E 445 L.E 875 L.E 1,705 L.E
Tal2a Up to 8M
100GB 250 L.E 725 L.E
1420 L.E

* Customer will enjoy the maximum speed that his/her line can support
* Customer’s line will be tested during the first 48Hrs to guarantee the maximum stable speed that customer’s line can support.

What happens if I reach the GB limit?
It is unlikely that you reach your GB limit before the month is over. However if you consume your quota of the month, your speed will drop to 128 Kbps; and to get back to your original speed, you can recharge additional GB balance through TE Data customers service offices, Fawry and Online through TE Data website Click Here.
What are the recharging options?
Recharging Quota Price Price/GB
1 GB 10 L.E 10 L.E/GB
5 GB 25 L.E 5 L.E/GB
15 GB 60 L.E 4 L.E/GB
25 GB 75 L.E 3 L.E/GB

Where I can recharge my balance?
  1. Through TE Data Outlets (CSOs)
  2. Through Fawry machines that exist at most pharmacies and super markets
  3. Online Through our website (Click Here)

How will I know when I reach my monthly limit?
You can check your usage via logging to TE Data website Click Here and use your ADSL username and password.

Will I be able to carry forward any unused GBs for next month?
Only recharged unused quotas are carried out to the next month, and their expiry is one year.

Can I recharge during the month even if I still have GBs in my balance?
Of course you can. The new recharged GBs will be accumulated to your GBs balance.

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