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Imagine how many customers are trying to reach your company through a phone call to understand more
about your product or service or even requiring a help in some ways... and they cannot reach your operator staff!
With TE Data' Call Center Solution, no more operator answering ...
you will have your own Call Center.

Benefits :
• Decrease total expenses :
   Eliminate the need for costly multi-vendor integration or the cost of hardware ,software ,
   infrastructure & support .

• Speedy implementation :
   Minimal setup is required allowing you to get your application up and running quickly.

• Remote agent support :
   Managed services allow you to expand your workforce to a broader pool of skilled agents.
   You can also have at home or remote agents in your workforce.

• Technical knowledge is not required :
   Management of your application is simple and easy to modify and monitor via the web based interface.
   You will not need a technical staff.

• Acquiring latest Technology :
   You can have a powerful variety of features, capabilities & applications to meet all of your call center needs.

Features :
• Deal with fundamental requirements :
   With Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), callers are greeted by customized announcement and then queued
   on a first come first served basis until their call can be answered.

• Monitor :
   Real-time reporting on all systems, jobs and agents. Managers can make immediate changes to the campaigns
   based on the results avoiding the unnecessary stopping and starting of jobs or campaigns.It can also alert
   managers when thresholds are exceeded.

• Get competitive advantage :
   Improve customer satisfaction by installing CCE & provide them their preferred method of interaction
   (e.g. voice, email, chat and sms) .

• Provide 24 hours self-service access :
   Eliminate routine, repetitive and costly tasks for agents by installing Interactive Voice Response (IVR) .

• Improve customer Service :
   use recording feature to capture all agents calls & access them from anywhere to improve call handling process.

• Reaching your enterprise more easily :
   Link your call center to an easy to remember short number (19xxx or 16xxx) .

• Reaching your enterprise with no charge :
   Link your call center to a toll free number (0800xxxxxxx) and let your customers call you free of charge
   from anywhere in Egypt.

Find Call center packages that suit your needs:

  Basic Package (3 seats, 1 supervisor)*
  Automatic Call Distribution
  Reporting & Monitoring
  IP Soft Phones
  Training & Support(8x5)**

Enhance customer's interactions & receive their electronic requests …

  Add on Pack – Multimedia (3 seats, 1 supervisor)*
  Web chat
  MSN Messenger
  Simple Messenger Service (SMS)
  Reporting & Monitoring
  Training & Support(8x5)**

Leverage the capabilities of your call center and add more services :

  IVR system
  Extra IP Soft Phones
  IP phone
  Short Number
  Toll free number

* You can add more seats & supervisors to your basic or multimedia pack.
** You can upgrade technical support up to 24x7 according to your needs.

TEData Call Center Subscribe