Students Are Welcomed

Students Are Welcomed

Because we believe in Youth, TE data aims at accomplishing mutual benefits for both the Egyptian youth and the community in TE Data Academy through enabling the participants’ to gain understanding of the business world along with valuable work experience, as well as spotting high potentials for future career opportunities in TE Data.

TE data Academy

1. Summer Internship Program:

"TE data Academy" is the under-graduate summer trainee’s 3 months program that takes place yearly in TE data in the months of July, August & September to significantly enhance the professional development of the Egyptian University Students in preparation for future positions.

This program For all those who are interested in joining TE data Academy they are requested to submit their CVs through the link we share on TEdata Facebook page starting April each year and (if their profile matches the needs of the departments) they will be contacted by the HR Training and Development unit to invite them for the assessment phase.

Trainees resumes shall be kept in HR and upon their graduation; trainees will have priority to employment in TE data, depending on the availability of job vacancies.

a) Assessment Phase:

  • Trainees go through a comprehensive assessment to evaluate their interpersonal skills, presentation skills to identify which business field/department best match their interests and academic studies.
  • Top performers from the assessment shall join "TE data Academy" Trainee program

b) Offering Phase:

  • Upon the assessment results, by the first week of June accepted trainees will be notified by email to fill their training offers.
  • The training period will be 6 weeks starting from July till mid of August, and from mid of August till end of September.
  • Trainees shall be notified with the department, monthly pay, shifts (if any) through the offer.
  • Trainees will be requested to submit specific documents to HR before they can join. Such documents will be mentioned in details in the training offer.

c) Performance Evaluation:

  • Upon completion of Training, the direct manager with which each trainee works is responsible to fill in the trainee evaluation form, rating the performance of each the trainee individually.
  • The forms shall be kept in the trainee file.

d) Graduation Project:

  • Each trainee at the end of the training period must prepare a project will be communicated from the HR training team illustrating what they learned/achieved during their training period.

2. TE data Academy Graduation Event:

  • TE data Academy Graduation Event shall take place during October of each year.
  • Only trainees who completed the program duration and graduation presentation are entitled to get certificates of Graduation.