Life @ TE data

TE data Programs:

1. Map your Career

In TE Data, our employees are in charge of shaping their own career, thus we have introduced the concept of Map Your Career; where candidates are given the freedom to choose the field they aspire to work in. Simply “They name it and strive for it”. Map Your Career is a true hit that is gearing with full speed year after the other to embrace the entire organization.

A specially tailored assessment for each field is designed in collaboration between HR and Technical assessors. It doesn’t only cover white collars, as we do constantly care to improve and develop all our calibers at all functional levels, a special tailored round is made for our blue collars as we believe that they are the back bone of TE Data and they should be well aware of how to take the succeeding step in their Career Advancement.

Simply in TE Data, there is no ceiling to your progress if you continue to develop yourself.

2. Career Consultation

Creating a career path is an essential component of our employees’ life-long career management. It is also a critical factor for our employees’ coaching and performance management where both the Manager and the subordinate employee get the chance to discuss the employee’s developmental plan and seek opportunities for advancing.

“Career Consultation Program” is an awareness session designed to help encompasses both the employees' desired destination, the development steps that she or he will need to make progress on their journey. Thus, we seek to give our employees a sense of direction and equip them with needed tools to assess their career progress, and career goals and milestones.

3. Shine Up your Career

A tailored program for TE Data employees; in order to support them reaching their career goal, through career consultation sessions to be able to find the gap between their current skills and the desired career path, accordingly they are advised to be included in training sessions to sharpen their skills.

4. Team Building Workshops

We work on equipping TE Data employees with the knowledge and skills needed for their jobs through providing local and international top notch quality trainings as well as funding job related certificates and MBA programs.

Learning in TE Data as well takes place through Team-Building workshops with lots of activities and exercises under the theme ‘diversity enriches’, where participants learns & practice collaboratively in a fun interactive environment.

5. Wayana Program

At TE Data, we aim to serve each & every taste by offering variety of programs from sports & entertainment events, to talent development & civic engagement sessions and more in Wayana Program that was tailored only for TE Dataians. Wayana Program is that greater umbrella that gathers”

  • Enaharda Kora:

Weekly football games for fun; open to all interested employees.

  • Ramadan Tournament:

Football Tournament during the month of Ramadan. TE Data Team competes with other companies.

Let us be the champions and beat them all!

  • TE Data Champions Academy:

Academy to select and train TE Data’s football team.

  • E7na we Baladna:

Offering tickets and/or invitations to employees for popular local events, such as football matches, concerts, etc.

  • Girls Club:

Sessions, classes and programs of interest to TE Data females such as etiquette, fashion, cooking, make-up and parenting.

  • Talent Factory:

Classes and/or practice sessions for employees who are interested in developing their artistic talents including music, art, photography.

  • Ana Masry:

A program tailored for employees; who are interested in civic engagement and national pride. It includes celebrations of national events, paying visits to orphanages and elderly homes and visits to national touristic areas.

  • TE Data Olympics:

A one full-day event; where TE Data teams compete to win the maximum points from different games’ competitions.

  • TE Data Marathon:

One day event; where interested employees run in a marathon and compete; to maintain healthy environment and nourish the soul.

  • Out of the Box Day:

Monthly, one-day entertainment events for call center employees that engage them more and maintain a healthy atmosphere.

  • Makanak:

Events to be hosted on TE Data premises such as movie nights, barbeque, dish parties, talk shows, stand-up comedy, etc.

6. Wellness program

Delivering Wellness

As we believe that our employees are the main assets at which everything else transpires, our main objective is to let our employees enjoy their work environment and to bring the best of themselves to their jobs every day. Encouraging them to embrace fitness as a life style is a choice that pays off in numerous ways.

We introduce regular free checkups, sessions and tips that help them to stay fit and foster the workplace fitness.


7. Technical Trainings

Courses that are relevant to each employee specific role to raise the capability of employees through attending training courses or sponsoring exam/certifications or postgraduate study.


8. Classroom Training

It is an umbrella of diverse workshops mainly based on TE Data competencies in addition to new learning advised for all our junior and senior staff. it can be an internal organized workshop, or a seat in a public course.


9. TE data Seminars

it is a program aims at supporting TE Data employees live a successful personal life, so we provide personally focused seminars with subject matter experts such as parenting and nutrition.


10. Online Training

 In collaboration with Lynda website, we provide employees with one year access to more than 4000 online courses in different fields (technical and non-technical).


11. Leadership development programs

a series of workshops aiming at developing a range of behavioral, management as well as business-related competencies.


12. MBA Sponsorship

TE data has special discounts for MBA in the below-mentioned universities and installment plan for employees.

  • - Nile University
  • - Victoria University & Brilliance Business School
  • - Arab Academy, Arab Academy for Science and Technology
  • - ESLSCA Business School
  • - RITI


TE data Events:

1. Annual Road Show

The Annual Gathering is TE Data’s annual recreational and celebratory one-day event for all the company’s employees. It aims at creating a memorable day for all employees to socialize while having fun & celebrating achievements. Ultimately, the event aims at spreading positive energy and strong sense of unity and cohesiveness amongst the company’s employees on all levels, leaving behind the stress of work.

2. Iftar Ramadan

Gathering all employees around the table to have their Ramadan Iftar together and united, enjoying counting down for the Iftar Canon then having the most memorable night of all. That’s not only nourishing their souls, it’s not only increases the bond but also has a magical essence.

On annual bases, the Communications Team is always keen to arrange a special event for all our TE Data esteemed employees in an exquisite hotel to make it a remarkable and memorable gathering.  To encompass all our employees, a series of Iftar gathering is held on all TE Data regions Cairo, Alex, Mansoura and Luxor.

3. Middle Management Forum

One of the most strategic meetings, where our leaders “Top Management” meet the Chain “Middle Management” at the beginning of the each year; with transparency and credibility, cascading the strategic objectives top down. “The Chain” our change agents and upcoming professional 2nd line successors, who are considered the unknown soldiers that built success with their teams.

4. Annual Recognition Event

A Year can’t pass by without appreciating our shooting starts, through a simple Thank you for their efforts, dedication and commitment throughout the year. Not only top performers yet the most successful project, best team, best Manager, best director..etc through a variety of awards tailored only for the event: the Chain, the Harmonica, the Unknown Soldier, the Leader…etc. more than 300 success story are to be recognized and appreciated.

5. Mother’s Day Event

 In March, no one can forget our Mother’s Day event. Since we owe our working Moms who make a real difference, not only to their families but also contribute as a main pillar in TE Data’s success. Every year we had a nice touching idea for the ladies, weather through flowers, tailored cupcakes and much more simple gifts as a thank you compliment.

As well, we are proud to extend deeper to reach each and every employee who would like to say thank you to his/her mother. Employees send us their mother’s success stories and a board of committee chose a number of the most influential stories as “Mothers of the Year”.  These mothers are to be recognized by TE Data through a unique event, drawing a smile on their faces and having them on board just to say “Thank you” is our main objective.

6. Ongoing Events

a. In house Online competitions

Happy moments are those carved in our employee’s minds and worth to be remembered, ongoing online competitions are one of our ongoing man events to enrich the working environment and bring some joy to the working place. Generic Questions are sent during the Day to all employees, employees send us there answers with great excitement and winners receive valuable gifts.

b. Festive Week

A specially tailored week for the Call Center agents and customer facing employees, as we believe they are the soldiers who are always put under stress and those who maintain our image and foster our customer centricity approach, they are the ones shoed be spoiled and pampered all over the year. The festive week is a 7 days of uniqueness in premises activities that increase the bond between employees, carve memorable moments in their hearts.

c. Meet MOM & Dad 

Under the umbrella of the family wellness, It’s an initiative that encourage our employees to bring their children along to the workplace, we gave them the opportunity to let them see their heroes working, gain some experience and have fun throughout the day, with a bunch of activities and fun.