TE Dataians & Society

A. Enmaa’

Enmaa’ is a program that aims at developing young Egyptian students in schools and national universities, on the personal and professional level. Applicants will participate in a series of developmental sessions and activities on interpersonal skills, career planning and technical skills.

Enmaa’ mainly aims at helping students realize the difference between the career & Life, where one has to take critical decisions, and what they learn from the academics. For this aim, our vision will be achieved through providing students with specialized awareness sessions, delivered by TE Data figures, building an in-depth professional knowledge rather just general awareness about the different business fields.

B. We don’t live on earth alone...

Employee social responsibility program

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone” _ Ronald Regen

As we are keen to be of a vital body in the community by strongly bonding to our society, the HR Communications Unit launch this employee social responsibility program to all employees, trying to motivate them to join either by donations or by physical presence through visiting orphanages, cancer, elderly and disabled orphanages institutes on regular basis where we can draw a simple smile on the face of those who needed even if for hours.

Additionally, As all of us know that Blood is a vital element of life and it is indeed irreplaceable and since Local blood banks are facing an acute shortage. Every day, many people in Egypt are in need of blood due to illness, accidents, and other emergencies; that was the reason we launched a lot of Blood donations campaigns inside TE Data Premises for all our employees to donate their blood as we believe that our employees social responsibility is considered a part of our success.

C. Injaz

As TE Data is keen to play an active role in the  Egyptian society, one of the main pillars of our CSR programs is Injaz program; where our volunteers have the chance to play an active part in helping prepare our Egyptian youth to be equipped with skills that will assist them in the future to enter the job market better prepared and skilled, and to introduce them to the knowledge, attitude and skills that help them successfully meet the challenges of adolescence and young adulthood; enhancing their self-esteem and thus indirectly helping in the unemployment challenge that Egypt is facing. We have embarked our 4th year with booming number of enthusiastic volunteers.