Old Price Plans

Iclick 2016

“Pay in advance and get free wireless router with 20% discount rate on your subscription speed. Iclick … Makes your life easier”

2M-150G 140 LE 112 LE

Free wireless router

Pay in advance month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months
4M-200G 220 LE 176 LE
8M-300G 350 LE 280 LE


* Discount applied on the online subscription only.



Speed Allowed Quota 1 Month
1 Mbps 10 GB 50 LE
1 Mbps 100 GB 95 L.E
2 Mbps 150 GB 140 L.E
4 Mbps 200 GB 220 L.E
8 Mbps 300 GB 350 L.E

Is this price plan considered as a limited time promotion or ongoing prices ? 
The launched packages are permanent.

How is that different from what competition is offering ? 
The new price list offers higher speeds with higher allowed quotes plus recharging option, however, Competition offers packages with fair usage policies which means once the threshold is reached, you will not be able to recharge to regain your initial speed.

What is the difference between FUP / Limited and capped ? 
Capped, what TE data is offering, allows you to browse even after reaching the threshold at very acceptable speeds. Not only this, but you can also recharge at any point to be upgraded once more to your initial subscription speed. 
FUP, what competition is offering, allows you to enjoy your subscription speed only till you reach the threshold, after which your speed is downgraded till the end of your subscription month. 
Limited speeds, and these were offered a while ago in the market, do not exist anymore and the difference is they do not grant you any browsing ability once you reach the threshold.


Did you change the throttling speed or is it still 128K ?
The throttling speed changed to be either 256K or 512k according to your subscribed speed instead of 128K.

Speeds Allowed Quota Throttling speed
1 Mbps 10 GB 256Kbps
1 Mbps 100 GB 256Kbps
2 Mbps 150 GB 512Kbps
4 Mbps 200 GB 512Kbps
8 Mbps 300 GB 512Kbps

I am an existing TE data customer; can I move to the new price plan; or it is only for new customers ? 
All new and  existing customers can move to the new packages.

10 GB is very small quota which is not enough at all ? 
10G is the average usage speed for a considerable number of the customers. It actually allows you to download around 100 pictures, 30 songs, 20 applications, 10 movies, 180 hours of browsing, 40 hours of online gaming and around 280 emails, all within the 10G .


Please refer now to our online usage estimator to assist you in finding the package best for your usage .

What Happens after finishing up my allowed quota ? 
You will be able to continue browsing normally or you can recharge your account with different quota denominations to restore your original speed.


Can I restore my original speed after finishing the basic quota ? 
You can recharge to your original subscription speed by recharging your account through any of these channels:


What are the recharging options ?

Quota Price
1 GB 10 LE
5 GB 25 LE
15 GB 60 LE
25 GB 75 LE

Can I subscribe in the old unlimited speeds with the old prices ? 
Unlimited speeds are available at their original prices however; the new priceplan provides you with a much higher value for your money. 

For a limited period you can subscribe and get Free WIFI *

*Terms and Conditions apply.